Athletes: Training Remotely - Getting Started (HS+)

Athletes in high school and above looking to use Driveline equipment and programs to train remotely are looking to start training remotely with us have 3 main places to start. 

Hacking the Kinetic Chain

Available here. HTKC (as we call it) has an on-ramp program with integrated throwing, strength and mobility for pitchers. This on-ramp has slightly more throwing volume than our free eBook and prepares you for any of the 12+ programs for off-season development work, pre-season mound work, or in-season work. 

The focus of HTKC is to give the athlete access to the training templates we use in-house along with a philosophical framework to help adapt the programs. 

The integrated programming is more likely to yield positive results than a throwing program alone, and the book gives the athlete the ability to adapt the programming as he progresses. 

Best Program For: Athletes who feel like they are running out of time and need a structured program on all fronts. 

Free Athlete Starter Kit

Available here. This is a basic 8-week program designed for someone who has never trained ballistically or had a structured throwing program to start training. It follows a simple structure 2 weeks of on-ramp and 6 weeks of development. The program uses Driveline's PlyoCare balls, weighted baseballs, Jaeger bands and long toss. 

It is a basic program, and can be used once, possibly twice. Continuing the program over time without increasing or varying the stimulus will definitely lead to performance plateaus (for more on that concept, see here).

Best Program For: Any physically developed athlete who is new to structured weighted ball throwing and wants a throwing program. 

Return to Throwing Program

Available here. This return to throwing program has two very specific target groups in mind: 

  • Post-injury athletes who are cleared to throw off a mound and have completed a doctor- or PT-prescribed throwing program. The goal is to introduce more overload at submaximal volumes to regain lost arm fitness. 
  • Professional pitchers who have logged significant innings over a full season and need a structured on-ramp into a normal pre-season throwing program.

The volume and intensity of throwing is materially less than the 8-week program and is not a good performance program.

Best Program For: Exactly the two groups listed above.

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