Driveline U: Overview

Driveline U is our most involved and expansive remote training option that teaches the "why" behind your training. It is a 20-25 hours of training and assignments per week and requires a committed and dedicated athlete. By the end of the program, you will be able to create training workouts and schedules for yourself. 

This 4-month, customized training program culminates in a month of self-directed training. Our strength and throwing team will help you work on areas of deficiency like: 

  • Throwing mechanics
  • General Strength
  • Power
  • Mobility

The cost is $599 a month for programming and the required equipment for this 4 month commitment. The pricing on equipment is subject to change. As of now, your equipment will be included in the price but soon there will be individual charges for each piece of equipment so that you can buy only the equipment you may need if you have already purchased some.

You can sign up here

Driveline U includes:

  • A trainer dedicated to helping you get better
  • 12-Week customized training program to your deficits and goals
  • An assignment to a team of like-minded athletes.
  • Equipment at a special rate, including PlyoCare Balls, Wrist Weights, Weighted Baseballs, Bands, Hacking the Kinetic Chain and Pocket Radars. Purchasing a Marc Pro to go along with the program is optional, but recommended.

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