Hacking the Kinetic Chain - Youth

Hacking The Kinetic Chain – Youth is a complete training plan for developing youth pitchers. Combining the best of research science and in-house validation and testing of training methods, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball have tested and re-tested this training to ensure they are effective.

Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth is a simple, year-round program for developing a young pitcher. But it also provides a comprehensive outline of why we recommend what we do.

Developing young pitchers is not a simple input, simple output machine. The integrated approach outlined in Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth demonstrates how all of the following work together to develop better pitchers and outlines a clear plan.

  • -Improving throwing mechanics
  • -Improving general strength
  • -Simple warm-up and recovery habits
  • -Basic mobility

The Package Includes:

  • -Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth, hard copy
  • -Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth, electronic copy
  • -Companion Workout Guide and Video Library

Hacking The Kinetic Chain – Youth comes backed by our 90-day guarantee. If you don’t use and love the information, return the book no questions asked.


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