Hacking the Kinetic Chain - Advanced

Hacking The Kinetic Chain is our flagship resource for developing high-velocity pitchers. Driveline Baseball presents all of our research and the same training templates we use to build programs for in-gym athletes in Hacking the Kinetic Chain. You receive lifetime updates. Two times per year, we update our training programs with the best of what we have learned in the lab. This is a buy-once, keep-forever, living training tool.

1st Chapter of Hacking the Kinetic Chain

Hacking The Kinetic Chain is the complete resource for developing high-velocity pitchers. Using 6 years of research in the Driveline Sports Science Laboratory, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball have tested and re-tested their training methodologies to ensure they are effective.

Hacking the Kinetic Chain spells out the reasoning and research behind the programs used at Oregon State, Vanderbilt and 75+ colleges and universities.

Developing velocity is not a simple input, simple output machine. The integrated approach outlined in Hacking the Kinetic Chain demonstrates how all of the following work together to develop better pitchers.

  • -The Driveline System – Stress Response Cycling, Mechanisms of Adaptation, Auto-Regulation, and Iteration
  • -Assessing the Body – Mobility Inventory
  • -Pitching Mechanics – A Deeper Understanding of Movement
  • -Mobility and Activation – Pre-Throwing and Post-Throwing Training
  • -Strength and Conditioning – Training Efficiently
  • -Throwing Program – Different Modalities to Train Velocity
  • -Injury Factors – Mechanical Issues that Lead to the DL
  • -Pitching Program – Structure to Develop Command and Control
  • -Programming Cycles – How to Put it All Together
  • -Nutrition and Supplementation – The Long Game for Fueling the Body


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