Can I two-way while training at the facility?

The short answer to this question is no, but this is something that we’ve discussed internally at length here at the facility. After analyzing the data and performance outcomes of athletes that have two-wayed with us in the past, our High Performance team came to the conclusion that it would be counter-beneficial to continue to have athletes train here as two-ways. Programming wise, as we integrate all facets of training into one balanced training economy that is not overloaded with training stimulus, athletes that were two-waying here were limited to a small amount of high intent work each day. As a result, full-time trainees were essentially substituting highly specific programming for more integrated, lower intensity programming to avoid fatigue. Supplementing that, two-way athletes also had to come in to the facility both in the late morning and late afternoon to pitch and hit, spending several hours at the facility each day and missing-out on necessary recovery in the process. When you factored everything in, we found that we simply weren’t seeing the results both our training floor staff and trainees expected to see.

By not being able to both hit and pitch simultaneously at the facility, we’ve come up with some other options for players looking to continue out their training on both facets of the game. Firstly, athletes that train as a position player will also receive a baseline throwing program alongside their primary focus of hitting and lifting. While the throwing program is geared towards having more of a durability/arm care like focus overall, athletes will still be able to work through a Driveline program and potentially see some positive outcomes from a throwing perspective.

Alternatively, longer-term athletes have also found success in training as a pitcher initially, only to convert to hitting during their final month at the facility. This plan allowed them to gain back their timing and face live pitching leading up to their competitive season. It should be noted that for athletes that choose to switch the focus of their training, they will have to pay a second assessment fee once they convert. They also cannot schedule any training times on the pitching side of things once they make the switch to hitting full-time.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding two-way athletes here at the gym either via phone at 425-523-4030 or email at

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