Can I play in any supplemental games outside the facility while training on-site?

Athletes that arrive at Driveline are expected to train at our facility full-time so that we can prioritize development and achieve positive performance outcomes for our athletes. Spending a significant portion of your training economy by playing in games handcuffs our training floor staff to prescribe more generic programming, as an in-season athlete’s daily routine has to be optimized for an in-season workload. This certainly means that for pitchers, the cost of picking up innings during the Summer will be very expensive from a programming perspective. For example, we would not be able prescribe an athlete any pulldown days while pitching competitively, which is the staple within our velocity development program. For hitters, the programming cost of playing competitively while training would certainly be cheaper relative to pitchers, but we’d have to consider the extra rotation you’d be going through on game day and alter our challenge point on training days to accommodate in-season performance.

In short, we highly deter athletes from playing in games while simultaneously training here. Training at Driveline is a significant time and economic investment, and we want athletes to be able to get the most out of that investment. Playing in-games prohibits an athlete from going all-in on development, thus tapering the results that he might see.

With this being said, we do not believe that all Driveline athletes should dedicate every Summer specifically to training. For an athlete that would benefit from increased in-game reps or exposure either in travel ball or collegiate Summer ball, we recommend athletes instead come to Driveline for a 7-day assessment before their season. With this option, we’d be able to evaluate you from a skill, strength, and mobility perspective and prescribe you programming via Online Training to do while in-season. That way, athletes will still have an evolving in-season training plan and communication with our training floor staff without the full-time commitments of balancing both on-site training and in-season workload. Once the season ends, athletes that are on Online Training are able to come back to the facility for a significantly discounted retest to monitor exactly what changed throughout the season. That will give us a much better plan on what to specifically focus on when heading into the off-season.

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