What Do I Get If I Train at Driveline?

Athletes who train here have the physical barriers to their improvement eliminated. We provide unlimited access to trainers, the weight room, recovery tools, supplements, and analysis tools in an environment with other athletes who work as hard as you do.

We won't upcharge you for access to special lessons or products. 

Here is what is included with your membership: 

  • A comprehensive Three Day Assessment that includes a full throwing movement analysis with video, baseline strength and power metrics, and an in-depth movement screen with our in-house Physical Therapist and OptiTrack Motion-Capture cameras. 
  • Rapsodo, PITCHF/x, Motus, Tendo, Keiser, HitTrax and other testing tools. 
  • Free access to NSF certified supplements (Protein, Preworkout, Omega-3 Fish Oil, etc.) 
  • Unlimited gym access (we ask that you sign up for throwing, hitting, and weight room time slots)
  • Fully integrated and individualized strength and throwing programming
  • Entry/exit interviews
  • Free Physical Therapist appointments (if needed)
  • A comprehensive suite of recovery tools and modalities
  • New: Manual Therapy sessions available 

What about when I leave?: 

Our Bridge Program: Your first 30 days are free and you receive continued remote throwing and lifting programming. You will have a line of communication with our trainers and you will still be active on our in-gym tracking software that we built in order to better manage and track athlete results. 

Questions? Don't worry! We will give you a full rundown of our Bridge Program during your exit interview.  

Getting Started:
All appointments should be scheduled over the phone. Call 425-523-4030 to schedule a first day on-board and pay the $300 deposit to reserve your spot.  

Note: The Deposit holds your position, and payment is collected after the first day at the facility.  The $300 will be applied to the first payment. Additionally the day to day training schedule at the facility is subject to change based on athlete load and time of year. Please check with CS about specific scheduling concerns.

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