What are my Remote Training Options with Driveline as a Pitcher?

Online Pitching:

If you are unable to come and train with us on-site, our Online Pitching Program is a great option that will provide direction for your training as you work toward accomplishing your goals. With online training, you would have an assigned trainer who will program individualized throwing, mobility, and strength workouts to improve your performance and take your game to the next level. Video feedback will inform specific suggestions and modifications to your workouts. We require all athletes in our Online Pitching program to own and wear a PULSE Throw Workload Monitor. Pricing for this program is $199 per month. Our goal with Online Pitching is to have your experience mirror as closely as possible the experience of our in-gym athletes.

If you'd like to learn more, you can check out our website here.

Free TRAQ Account:

We offer a free version of our training/tracking software TRAQ that comes loaded with a number of free training templates (including hitting, pitching, and strength workouts). You can sign up for a free TRAQ account here. After that, you can browse through the Hitting/Pitching/Strength templates on the player's Day Plan.

Regarding equipment, the Online Pitching Complete Kit in our online shop would have everything you'd need, and we feel would be the most cost effective option for getting started with using our training methods in conjunction with that TRAQ profile.

Please let support@drivelinebaseball.com know if you have any questions.

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