What are my Remote Training Options with Driveline as a Pitcher?

At Driveline, we understand the difficulty in finding both the time and resources to train with us here on-site at the facility. To try to both improve the quality of training for remote athletes and the performance outcomes for athletes unable to make it out here, we’ve developed a variety of options depending on athlete skill level, workload, and training goals so that each athlete has a training plan that works best for them. If you still have questions regarding which option is best for you, please email support@drivelinebaseball.com.

Online Pitching

In training remotely, the closest option that we offer relative to training on-site with us is called Online Pitching, which is primarily orchestrated through our proprietary software to pass along throwing and strength programming that is customized and tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual athlete.

With Online Pitching, athletes gain access to an individual profile on software, which allows them to upload video, track training results, and communicate directly with our throwing floor staff so that we can hand-build a program based on the data provided to us. The real value in software comes from our ability to track results, as we’ll finally be able to see which drills, programs, and training days facilitate positive performance outcomes for athlete and adjust their programs accordingly. It will also allow athletes who are unfamiliar with our programming to pick-up a more hands on option to assure drills are done at optimal levels.

You’ll be able to purchase Online Pitching using this link here, where you’ll have access to discounted equipment to help get you started if you do not own Driveline materials already. Online Pitching is on a subscription basis for $399 per month, can be cancelled at any time, and comes with digital access to Hacking the Kinetic Chain within your user profile. If you can make it out to the facility for an abbreviated amount of time (like our 7-day assessment), Online Pitching will be half off for each month of remote training that ensues. More information can be found within the video links below.



Hacking the Kinetic Chain

HTKC is our original remote training option for athletes looking to pick up integrated throwing and lifting programming along with detailed explanations of Driveline’s research, thought processes, and drills. Along with a hard copy book, HTKC comes with online resources that include dozens of throwing programs for both in-season and out-of-season athletes ranging from early HS to professional baseball. Depending on seasonality and training goals, programs are specifically structured to concentrate on individual training needs designated by a coach or athlete. For example, off-season programming within HTKC gives athletes the option to focus on strength, velocity, arm care, or command heading into the season. And, given that our programming is year-round, athletes will then be able to jump into a blend-to-season and in-season program both on the throwing and strength facets of their training economy as they move towards the Spring. This assures that we’re getting the most out of a full year of training while also limiting workload and taking the requisite amount of time off.

While HTKC ($499) is still the primary remote training tool we recommend to both coaches and facility owners, we deter individual athletes from purchasing the book in favor of Online Pitching. As individual athletes, Online Pitching allows us to design programming on a more granular level than what can be done via HTKC. Online Pitching also includes HTKC in digital form via our proprietary software, so you’ll have access to both while training with us.

Online Baseball Development

Online Baseball Development was incorporated into our Online Pitching and Hitting offerings to create one inclusive remote training product for younger athletes who both hit and pitch. While training as a two-way can be complex, we believe that the special considerations that go into training both facets of the game simultaneously can be balanced appropriately if an athlete is programmed effectively. As a result, Online Baseball Development integrates both our hitting and throwing floor staff to collaborate on a custom-tailored program that is designed to incorporate hitting, pitching, and strength within an athlete’s training economybased on their specific needs and training goals.

The program will be based in his/her software profile in the same way that Online Hitting/Pitching would, and athletes on software would be able to communicate with both of our training floor staffs to develop and provide feedback on their programming and drills. Online Baseball Development is the same price as Online Pitching and Online Hitting and will give you access to discounted prices on all of our recommended throwing and hitting materials.

Hacking the Kinetic Chain-Youth

The Youth version of HTKC is less technical and takes a more broadened approach to training athletes. This approach is more indicative of how youth training should be designed by coaches and parents, concentrating on building healthy habits while incorporating a fun and enjoyable routine for younger athletes to work through without burning out. HTKC-Youth comes with explanations on the fundamentals of our program and lays out a more macro perspective on how to approach year-round training with youth athletes. While highlighting the importance of workload balance and requisite time off, HTKC-Youth comes with an in-season, off-season, and blend-to-season program that are catered to a youth athlete’s specific year-round throwing and strength needs. If an athlete is just getting started with our drills, every copy of HTKC Youth comes with online explainer videos and unlimited support via email (support@drivelinebaseball.com) to supplement the text within the physical copy. This ensures that each youth athlete that is going through our materials is doing so with proper form.

For athletes 13 years of age and younger, we feel that HTKC-Youth is a solid option to develop healthy, young arms. 

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