What are my Remote Training Options with Driveline as a Hitter?

Online Hitting:

For athletes unable to make it out to our facility, Online Hitting is our most hands-on form of instruction outside of training on-site with us. Upon signing up for Online Hitting, athletes will receive a built-out profile within TRAQ which will allow them to upload video for analysis, communicate with our training floor staff directly, and track performance results over time. In the initial stages of working with us remotely, our trainers will run through a variety of performance questions to gain a better familiarity as to where you’re at from a developmental standpoint, what your playing schedule is like, and what your training goals are moving forward. From there, an integrated hitting, strength, and throwing (upon request) program will be custom built within software to provide you with a daily plan consisting of custom drills, sets, reps, and goals. As results are tracked and video is analyzed, programming will evolve based on performance results, athlete feedback, and seasonal constraints. The goal is to pass along a unique training plan that is custom fit for athlete needs, allowing the athlete to focus strictly on obtaining positive training outcomes.  

While having access to technology such as Blast Motion Sensors, HitTrax, Axe Bats, or Hitting PlyoCare balls will allow you to gain the most from our instruction and programming, none of these training materials are required. For more information on Online Hitting, you can check out our website here.

Free TRAQ Account:

We offer a free version of our training/tracking software TRAQ that comes loaded with a number of free training templates (including hitting, pitching, and strength workouts). You can sign up for a free TRAQ account here. After that, you can browse through the Hitting/Pitching/Strength templates on the player's Day Plan.

We like to use Hitting PlyoCare Balls and/or the Axe Bat Speed Trainer Set as tools to help increase bat speed and barrel precision. Having a BlastMotion Sensor is also a great way to objectively measure swing metrics such as bat speed and attack angle. However, there is no specific equipment required to execute this program and our trainers will work with whatever you have to program workouts centered around your goals.

Please let support@drivelinebaseball.com know if you have any questions.

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