What are my Remote Training Options with Driveline as a Hitter?

As we increasingly live in an age where technology and more progressive coaching techniques begin to gain a foothold within the game of baseball, training remotely with Driveline as a hitter affords athletes the opportunity, regardless of location and resources, to train with customized, cutting edge programming to improve training outcomes. We’ve provided an outline of our training options for remote hitters in the space below, and please reach out to support@drivelinebaseball.com if you have any additional questions that we can help answer.

Online Hitting

For athletes unable to make it out to our facility, Online Hitting is our most hands-on form of instruction outside of training on-site with us. Upon signing up for Online Hitting, athletes will receive a built-out profile within our in-house training software which will allow them to upload video for analysis, communicate with our training floor staff directly, and track performance results over time. In the initial stages of working with us remotely, our trainers will run through a variety of performance questions to gain a better familiarity as to where you’re at from a developmental standpoint, what your playing schedule is like, and what your training goals are moving forward. From there, an integrated hitting, strength, and throwing (upon request) program will be custom built within software to provide you with a daily plan consisting of custom drills, sets, reps, and goals. As results are tracked and video is analyzed, programming will evolve based on performance results, athlete feedback, and seasonal constraints. The goal is to pass along a unique training plan that is custom fit for athlete needs, allowing the athlete to focus strictly on obtaining positive training outcomes.  

While having access to technology such as Blast Motion Sensors, HitTrax, Axe Bats, or Hitting PlyoCare balls will allow you to gain the most from our instruction and programming, none of these training materials are required. For more information on Online Hitting, you can call support at 425-523-4030 or email in to support@drivelinebaseball.com

Axe Bat Speed System Program

For an introductory program that provides athletes with a year-long plan to incorporate our weighted bats within a training routine, our training floor staff designed the Axe Bat Speed System Program to manage workload, incorporate variability, and improve bat speed. Included with our Axe Bat Speed System Sets, the program is structured on a week-to-week basis and has both in-season and out of season instructions to manage training economy and incorporate a larger volume of swings. Accommodating the usage of Hitting PlyoCare balls, the Axe Bat Speed System Program can be done by athletes advanced enough to swing either 32, 33, or 34-inch sets. It should be noted that this program is not sold separately, and it cannot be obtained with first purchasing at least one set of Axe Bats from us directly.

Please let support@drivelinebaseball.com know if you have any questions.

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