How old do I need to be to start up with Driveline remotely?

At Driveline, we believe that training youth athletes presents specific challenges revolving around workload management, generating positive training environments, and designing programming that builds healthy habits without over specification. At 8-9 years old, we feel that most youth athletes will have developed the motor patterns and requisite coordination to go through the basic foundations of our programming.  

With that mind, we set out to provide youth athletes with broad programming that emphasizes proper warm-up and recovery, requisite time-off, and light amounts of variability in an environment that is both fun and conducive to learning. By checking these boxes, we hope to more than meet the training demands that a vast majority of youth athletes require. For remote youth athletes, we have designed both pitching and two-way programming options that are tailored to meet these specific programming needs.

Moving forward, as athletes start to mature from both a physical and overall perspective around 13-15 years old, they will most likely begin to outgrow such broad programming (the lowest hanging fruit of incorporating only body weight lifts, throwing 3-times per week, etc. will now be picked) and more specific attributes will need to be attended to. When this occurs, we recommend moving onto our advanced programs, which accommodate the needs of more advanced athletes.

If you need any guidance in deciding whether your athlete is a better fit for our youth or more advanced remote programs, please feel free to reach out to support via email at or over the phone at 425-523-4030. 

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