What results do athletes get while training with Driveline remotely?

The training results we typically see with remote athletes fluctuates by a fairly large amount given the wide-ranging backgrounds, performance goals, and various types of athletes we typically work with. The trainees that have had the most success remotely typically excel in both work ethic and communication. Put simply, training remotely puts the impetus on the individual athlete to self-motivate and properly follow the workouts provided to them on their own, with help provided from us when necessary. If athletes are able to hold themselves accountable, we feel very strongly that they can obtain similar performance gains relative to our in-gym athletes. And while there is no substitute for the added specificity that an on-site assessment would provide, we do have similar options that allow remotely athletes to train via the same interface and platform that we utilize within our own gym.

By affording athletes the opportunity to both start-up and continue with us remotely, we’re excited to provide a platform that creates a seamless and fluid way to continue with a specific, year-round plan gives our athletes the best opportunity to obtain positive training outcomes and sustain them moving forward.

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