What is the time commitment while training remotely?

Depending on physical maturity, seasonality, familiarity with the program, and overall training goals, the answer to this question will fluctuate on a daily basis.

A physically mature skill-focused athlete within a velocity development program will throw 6 days per week, with most likely 2 of those days being of higher intensities and longer training duration. 

A broad rule of thumb is to designate roughly an hour total for proper warm-up, throwing/hitting, and recovery followed up with about an hour of lifting when programmed in as well (usually 2-4 times per week.)

So, broadly speaking, every athlete that trains with Driveline will have anywhere from 3-6 days of throwing/hitting per week and 2-4 days of lifting. On days where athletes have both modalities prescribed within their schedule, 2-2.5 hours is roughly how long they’ll train for. On days where just one training modality is scheduled, roughly 1-1.25 hours is a good ballpark on how much time will be spent training.

If you have any questions regarding daily or weekly training structures, please reach out to us at support@drivelinebaseball.com or 425-523-4030. 

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