How should I map out a year of training?

As often mentioned within the Driveline Remote Training FAQ, we want athletes to perceive training as a fluid, year-round process rather than segmented, discrete stages of development. This means that every training program that an athlete transitions into has an overall purpose designed to work in conjunction with recent workload and performance needs. For example, picking up an off-season velocity development program right after coming off 125+ inning season will most likely not help you develop velocity in the long run. On the flip side, 3 consecutive months of time off from overhead throwing after just recently taking extended time off might not make your arm healthier.

Instead, a more general plan that long-term on-site athletes might follow with us over 6+ months is as follows: We might typically start them on a strength dominant program to begin their off-season, allowing them to get requisite time off from throwing until and affording them the opportunity to see significant gains in the weight room. As they build up arm fitness again during the winter months and slowly taper off strength dominant programming, we would transition them into velocity development for multiple weeks and limit lifting to mostly maintenance work moving forward. Eventually, we’d have this athlete blend to the mound and into Live AB’s by the Spring, starting up an in-season throwing and lifting program moving forward. With this layout, we’re able to get velocity development, strength development, requisite time-off, a throwing on-ramp, a blend-to-season, and an in-season program all done in a highly beneficial order. Of course, this programming template will not work for many remote athletes due to a variety of different constraints and needs, but it is a good example of how to gradually transition from one phase of training into the next.

In training remotely, our Online Training options are designed to do most of this logistical legwork for you, having our training floor staff prescribe custom tailored programming on a much more granular level. This allows you to simply focus on achieving higher levels of performance and accomplishing overall training goals. If you have any questions regarding our remote programming, please reach out to us at or via phone at 425-523-4030.  

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