How do I start up with your programs?

With many different coaches and facility owners looking to incorporate Driveline programs with their athletes and trainees, we decided to best fit the needs of the baseball community by providing flexible, straightforward, and cost friendly options to help both teams and facilities receive access to data-driven programming regardless of logistical constraints.

However, before going through the options that we provide, it will be important to consider the number of athletes you are working with, the age and physical maturity of those athletes, how many of them will be training at the same time, and how much wall space you currently have. These four factors play a significant role in which supplies you will need and which programs will be utilized so that you can roll-out and sustain a successful Driveline inspired hitting and/or throwing program.

From a programming perspective, we recommend every team and facility start building out their package by including Hacking the Kinetic Chain and/or Hacking the Kinetic Chain Youth. HTKC and HTKC Youth are our flagship throwing manuals that contain the secret sauce behind the basic tenets of our throwing/pitching program. The book explains, in detail, about what our thoughts are regarding pitching and throwing mechanics, how we cue different athletes, what drills we use, and why our program is structured in a way that promotes arm care and overall performance. Included with the book, coaches will receive a multitude of integrated throwing and lifting programs for both in-season and out of season athletes of various skill levels. That way, coaches will have both the guidance and freedom to select and modify programs for each individual athlete they work with, allowing them to put their athletes in the best position for success. We recommend Hacking the Kinetic Chain for programs that have athletes 14 years or older, HTKC Youth for programs with athletes aged 9-13, and both books for facilities and travel ball teams that have both age groups under their umbrella. Between both books, there will certainly be some overlap in-terms of drill structure and theory. However, HTKC Youth is much better equipped to handle the unique programming constraints for less developed athletes. This guarantees that youth athletes are not being overused throughout the calendar year and that workload is being managed smart and effectively.

For hitting programming, we recommend our Axe Bat Speed System Program that is included within our Axe Bat Speed System. The program will give both in-season and out of season athletes a weekly plan to follow for specific drills, sets, and reps. Created to promote bat speed, barrel awareness, and introduce variability into an athletes training routine, the program is easy to follow and includes tracking sheets to chart individual improvement moving forward.

Once you have decided on which programs you’d like to pick-up, the next step in the process is making sure you are ordering the requisite quantities and supplies that are described in more detail here. If you have any questions regarding our programming, feel free to give support a call at 425-523-4030. 

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