What supplies do I need to get started?

To keep things simple for most college and HS programs, we have recommended packages listed within our online shop that include all the equipment needed to get started (along with a specific discount for each item.) For coaches trying to gain a bit more customization with the supplies they’re looking to purchase, we also build out discounted individual orders for bulk purchases of $500 or more over the phone. As a good rule of thumb, the chart below gives a good baseline reference of what you’d be looking at for supplies to start up given the number of athletes you’re working with. Note that Youth PlyoCare sets, 2.5kg wrist weights, youth J-Bands, and Youth Axe Bats are per youth athlete and not per total athlete. Please give support a call at 425-523-4030 once you're ready to learn more about our program and potentially build out a custom quote for supplies. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Set / Athlete Item
1 per 1.75 Plyo Sets
1 per 1.75 Youth Plyo Sets
1 per 3.5 Weighted Ball Sets
1 per 3.5 5kg Wrist Weights
1 per 3.5 2.5kg Wrist Weights
1 per 2 J-Bands
1 per 2 Youth J-Bands
1 per 4 Trampolines
1 per 7 Axe Bats
1 per 7 Youth Axe Bats
1 per 5 Hitting Plyos (set of 8)

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