What age groups do you recommend using your materials with?

While both youth and advanced athletes have programming accommodations specific to workload, practice design, and training goals, we believe that the variety of programming options we offer can be applied to the needs of all athletes aged 8 years and older.

For youth athletes who are less developed and are still going through large physical and mechanical changes, Hacking the Kinetic Chain Youth is designed to map out a year-round training program to introduce lighter amounts of variability and body weight exercises. By getting youth athletes onto a more structured program that emphasizes arm care, recovery, and abiding by MLB Pitch Smart guidelines, the goal is to have athletes build healthy habits and have fun in the process. If we focus on those two things, we’ll surely see positive results.

Once athletes become a bit more advanced and outgrow the broad guidelines presented in HTKC Youth (around ~ age 14 years old) we start introducing some more specific, higher intensity programming via Hacking the Kinetic Chain.

Please let us know if you have any questions with either option and whether HTKC Youth or HTKC is a better fit for your athletes. We can be reached at 425-523-4030 or via email at support@drivelinebaseball.com.

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