What is the Product Warranty and Return Policy?


The Driveline Baseball product warranty gives you 365 days of coverage from the date of your purchase on all products we manufacture:

PlyoCare Balls
Hitting PlyoCare Balls
Leather Weighted Baseballs
Wrist Weights
Recovery Mini-Trampoline
Command Balls

*this warranty does not cover our Good Enough Baseballs*

For warranty issues simply go to our Warranty page and fill out the form. So long as it is within 365 days of your original purchase we'll send you a replacement - completely free of charge.

Usage Recommendations:

Check the surface you are throwing your Driveline Plyocare balls into. For the best results throw into a padded Plyo Wall. This is not feasible for everyone so smooth concrete walls are a good substitute. Do not throw them into brick walls, chain link fences, or any textured surface. This is the quickest way to ruin your new PlyoCare balls.

If you live in a cold weather environment, make sure your Driveline PlyoCare balls are getting stored somewhere that does not get below 40 degrees (i.e. equipment shed, car trunk, etc.). If you throw them while they are cold the is a greater chance they will rip on the surface.

3rd Party Warranty Items:

You can find details regarding warranty terms of the 3rd party items we carry and manufacturer contact information on our Warranty page


Used equipment. We do not accept returns or refunds for used, functional equipment. 

International returns. We do not accept product returns from items sold internationally (outside of the domestic United States)

Questions: Just email support

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