How do you track athlete performance and results at your facility?

When we first opened our facility, we quickly realized that running a true data-driven program was extremely tedious, time consuming, and frustrating when working with tools such as Google Sheets, Excel, or pen and paper. For years, countless labor hours were spent acquiring, transferring, and cleaning data for analysis so that we could eventually evaluate ourselves and work towards developing the best program for our individual athletes.

To put this inefficient and frustrating practice to a halt, we decided to build our own training software in-house so that both our training staff and research team could have better tools to achieve optimal performance outcomes for athletes. Through software, our staff is able program athletes more efficiently and precisely, gaining more time throughout the day to analyze results and make tweaks to athlete programming. Since data is now being tracked daily, we’re able to query training results, obtain instant access to visualizations on progress, and leave athletes daily training notes. And since athletes will always have their own unique training profile, it allows us to better monitor and update programming seamlessly once guys leave the facility and train remotely.

After substantial in-house testing and updated iterations, we have now opened our software up to the public so that other facilities can finally put Sheets and manually data entry in the past. To learn more about software and how it can take your facility to a higher level of analysis and programming, please reach out to us via email at

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