Is there a minimum age that you recommend starting up with Driveline's program?

We recommend athletes be at least 9 years old before starting up a specific throwing program such as the ones provided within Hacking the Kinetic Chain Youth or Online Baseball Development.

At 9 years old, we believe that the body has developed the requisite coordination and movement patterns to benefit from a more structured throwing program designed to accommodate a youth workload. It is no coincidence that, at 9 years old, youth athletes are typically allowed to begin pitching in organized baseball and research begins monitoring the effects of different workload amounts on youth athletes. 

Thus, starting at 9 years old provides us with some clarity in devising a program that effectively monitors workload and promotes healthy throwing mechanics, while also considering athlete movement quality and in-game workload.

If you have any questions regarding our youth programming, please visit the FAQ linked to here or reach out to us via email at or phone at 425-523-4030. 

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