What does Rapsodo do?

Rapsodo is a radar-triggered camera system that captures real-time ball-flight data, allowing pitchers to get an accurate understanding of exactly what their pitches are doing during flight. This allows for now-standard pitch measurements like velocity and spin rate, but, because the data is captured visually, Rapsodo units can also measure spin axis, true spin and spin efficiency.

How do we use Rapsodo?

Rapsodo is the most important tool we use in the Pitch Design Process. Rapsodo will spit out all of the data metrics after the pitch is thrown and then we will be the interpreters of that data. We will compare those numbers against the MLB averages and other Baseball Savant data to figure out where an athletes pitches stacks up. We can also use this data to decide which pitch we are looking to improve or what type of pitch would play well in an athletes current repertoire. For more information on how we use Rapsodo in the pitch design process check out the blog post Basics of Pitch Design Using Rapsodowritten by Joe Marsh.

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