What does Hittrax Do?

Hittrax is a infrared camera system that measures and tracks batted ball data. From Hittrax we are able to get metrics for Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, and Distance on a batted ball. We are also able to get Contact Depth as well so we are able see where hitters are striking the ball.  Hittrax software base will keep profiles for athletes so what we are able to track data for a long period of time. This will allow us to view averages over time and see how training is progressing.

How Do We Use Hittrax?

We use Hittrax in every one of our hitting sessions with athletes. Starting with our assessment, Hittrax enables us to build a batted ball profile for new athletes. We will then train and re-test against these numbers to make sure that the athlete is improving. We also use Hittrax to create competition among athletes during training sessions. Whether we are playing a game such as Exit Velo Ladder or Don’t Be Average, the metrics we get from Hittrax allow the athlete to have instant feedback to judge the outcome of their swing on. For more on how we use Hittrax, check out the blog post Introduction to Hitting Assessments written by Director of Hitting, Jason Ochart.

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