Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Driveline Certification Frequently Asked Questions

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General Certification Questions

What is included in the price?

Foundations of Pitching Certification - $999 includes both the online and live courses. (Transportation and accommodation for the live course not included.)
Basics of Pitch Design Certification - $399 (Certification course is online only)

How long is my certification valid for?

Foundations of Pitching - Certifications are good for a year after completing the live event. 
Basics of Pitch Design - Certifications are good for the life of the course 

How do I stay certified?

Foundations of Pitching - To stay certified, you'll need to stay current. There will be yearly "update" courses available to anyone who has completed certifications in the previous year. To maintain your certification, you will need to pay a small annual fee and complete the annual "update" coursework. 
Basics of Pitch Design - No future re-testing

Will I be listed as certified on Driveline's website or marketed in any way?

No. Coaches completing the certification will receive the designation of having completed the course but we will not market your completion. We will confirm your completion or non-completion of coursework to third parties upon proof of a coach marketing themselves as "certified" or having completed the course. 

What rights do I have to use Driveline in my own marketing of my program, facility or skills?

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified in that course. We do not give permission to individuals or programs to represent themselves as "Driveline". "Driveline-certified" or a variant is an appropriate designation. If you have questions about this or feel someone is violating the spirit of this policy, please contact us.

Online and Live Event Questions

I just purchased the online course. How long do I have to complete it and schedule my live event?

The online course does not expire. Once you attend and complete the live event, your certification is valid for 1 year. 

I was not able to complete the either the Foundations of Pitching or Basics of Pitch Design course. Can I get a refund?

A one-time refund of $200 is available to any person who has not completed the online Foundations of Pitching course and not attended a live event. 
The Basics of Pitch Design course can only be refunded within the first 24 hours of purchase. 

I was not able to pass the online course. Can I still attend the live Foundations of Pitching event?

Anyone attending the live event needs to have passed the online class. The live event moves quickly and presumes a base of knowledge that we outline in the online portion. No on will be permitted to attend a live event without passing the online portion. 

I did not pass the live Foundations of Pitching event. What happens now?

If you do not pass the first live event, you may attend up to 2 total live events at no charge to complete your certification. You may continue to attend live events to be certified beyond 2 at a cost of $200 per event. 

Can I take the Foundations of Pitching online course and not attend the live event?

Yes! While you will not complete the program or receive the  Foundations of Pitching certification, you are free to purchase and complete the online portion only if you are just looking to increase your general knowledge of our process and programs. We would hope in the future we'll be able to offer a live event closer to your home in the future so that you can complete the certification process.

What certifications are available?

Current list of courses is here..

Taking & Completing A Section Of The Course:

Step 1 - Watch the course section video. You need to watch the entire video:

Step 2 - Click the "Start Quiz" button to take the quiz:

Step 3 - Complete the test and click the "Finish Quiz" button:

Step 4A - You Did It! Click the "Click Here To Continue" button to proceed to the next section: 

Step 4B - Let's Try This Again - Click the "Retake Quiz" button to try again: 

You can also click the "View questions" button to see what answers you got incorrect:

Once you re-take the quiz and receive a qualifying score (80% or better) clicking the "Click Here To Continue" button should automatically send you to the next section of the course

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