TRAQ On-Site Implementation

With TRAQ Pro, your school/facility will receive a 2 day on-site implementation. With an on-site implementation, Driveline brings a TRAQ specialist and trainer (either pitching or hitting) out to your school or facility to setup TRAQ and make sure your school/facility is able to get the absolute most out of TRAQ. Below is a general guideline of what that process looks like. Adjustments can be made for your school/facility based on the specific needs of the program. 

To get a better idea of how this process and TRAQ Pro can help your situation, you can check out this blog post documenting one customer's experience. If you have any questions about getting started with TRAQ On-Site, don't hesitate to contact us at,

Driveline On-Site Implementation: Hitforth


Day 1:

  • Tour facility
  • Meet Trainers
  • See the Platforms that they have to collect data with
  • See the data that they’ve already collected
  • TRAQ demo
  • Answer TRAQ related questions
  • Discuss best practices for collecting data
  • Create all Trainer profiles 
  • Walk through creating sample workouts for athletes
  • Connect Platform profiles to TRAQ
  • Meet with specific Pitching, Hitting, Strength Trainers
  • Discuss best practices for how to begin using TRAQ
  • Work with them to create Workout Bank
  • Link videos to Workouts
  • Make workout schedule for Day 2

Night of Day 1:

  • Create any Custom Data Inputs, Assessments, etc. by morning

Day 2:

  • Arrive before facility opens
  • Show TRAQ to anyone who didn’t see it yesterday
  • Walk through how to use TRAQ at each department (Pitching, Hitting, Strength)
  • Collect data using platforms that facility has
  • Show facility how to use Pocket radar with TRAQ (bring Pocket Radar if they do not have one), potentially do the same with Blast/other platforms
  • General Q&A before departure

In addition, you will receive:

  • 20 hrs of additional support
  • Direct contact with Max Engelbrekt (Product Manager for TRAQ)

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