If you are encountering difficulties accessing your online materials (HTKC, Axe Bat Speed Trainer Program, Driveline PLUS Videos, etc.), make sure that you are signed into your account on our Edu website,

If you are logged into your account on, then you should be able to click on the 'Edu' tab at the top of the website and be logged in.

The passwords for each website are not the same but single-sign-on is utilized if you are going from to It will not work if you are logged into and try to go to The passwords for the two websites will only be the same if you set them as the same password yourself. The accounts on and are linked by your email address.

Once you are signed in on, click on the Memberships (or My Membership) tab on the left sidebar (pictured below).

This will show all the active materials associated with your account:

Clicking the View button with Eye icon will allow you to access those materials.

Viewing Content

If you are looking for specific content you will need to go to

Once you are logged in you'll want to go My Dashboard. Once you are there you will be able to see all the educational material that you have purchased. Certifications, Mini-courses for Driveline Plus, individual mini-courses and HTKC's can all be found there.

The Dashboard is dynamic so what you were just looking at will show up at the top. If you are looking for a specific certification, mini-course or book we'd recommend you use the search bar located in the Dashboard. For Driveline Plus, we recommend searching for 'Plus Resources' to see an outline of all the content that is contained in your Plus membership.

What if it still doesn't work?

If you have verified that you have an Active Membership for that content associated with your account, but are still not able to access it after you have signed in, this is likely related to cached data on your computer. Sometimes, your browser will save the information in the cache from previously visited web pages. If you had previously visited the site without PLUS access, it may pull up that old saved page, even though you are logged in to your active PLUS account.  

To get the new page, you will need to clear your cache. Shift-F5 is a keyboard shortcut to clear the cache in most browsers; however, if this does not work, more detailed instructions for each browser are available here. Using a different browser, incognito window, or clearing the cache in your current browser will usually work to get around this issue.

If you continue to encounter difficulties accessing your materials after attempting these steps, please reach out to Support by sending an email to or calling 425-523-4030, and we will troubleshoot with you.

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