Care & Handling

How do I care for my motus sensor?

  • Your motus sensor contains sensitive components. Do not disassemble, open, crush, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, or insert foreign objects into your motus sensor.
  • Operate your motus sensor in a place where the temperature is between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F).
  • Low or high temperature conditions might shorten battery life or cause your motus sensor to capture and report skewed data or temporarily stop working properly.
  • Avoid dramatic changes in temperature or humidity when using your motus sensor, as condensation may form within the sensitive components of your sensor.
  • Store your motus sensor in a cool dry place at room temperature.

Can my motus sensor get wet?

Exposure to water may cause damage to your motus sensor. Do not use your motus sensor in rain or other wet locations. Take care not to spill any food or liquid on your motus sensor. In case your device gets wet, allow it to dry thoroughly before attempting to use or charge it again. Do not attempt to dry your motus sensor with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven or hair dryer.

motus sensors that have been damaged as a result of exposure to liquids are not serviceable.

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