Setting Up Your motusQB Account

First, download the motusQB app from the iOS App Store (See: motusQB App on the App Store).

Once you've set up your login information, you will be asked whether you are an  Athlete or Coach. Selecting Athlete will allow you to manage your individual sensor and throw data and share your data with a coach, if you wish. Selecting Coach will allow you to manage a roster of athletes, with the ability to manage sensors and throw data for each athlete individually. If you are a parent, you may select Coach so that the account is registered to you and you can add your child to your roster.

Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-05-02_at_09.26.24.png          Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-05-02_at_09.26.35.png

Whether you've selected  Athlete or Coach, you will be asked to enter your birthdate to continue. Our Privacy Policy requires that users under the age of 13 obtain parental consent to continue using motusQB.


If you've selected  Athlete, you will be asked to complete your personal profile. You will have the opportunity to select a personal profile picture for customization and will be required to enter your height and weight. Your age, height, and weight are all used in our Readiness calculations and training recommendations and can be updated at any time. (See: Editing Athlete Profile). 


Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-05-02_at_09.26.59.png          Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-05-02_at_09.27.03.png

You will be asked to select your motusQB apparel option, either sleeve or wristband. Most users have our compression sleeve, but you can purchase a wristband for motusQB on our website. Keep in mind that the type of data provided by each apparel option is varied (See: What is the difference between the sleeve and wristband in motusQB?).


If you've already received your motus sensor and have it charged and nearby, you can add it to your account during the registration process. Otherwise, tap  Skip for now and you can add it to your account later (See: Adding a Sensor to Your Account).


If you've selected  Coach, you will be asked to enter a team name. This team name will help athletes find you if they choose to share their data with you. If you are a parent, you can simply enter your last name as your team name.


Your account is complete! You are ready to start using motusQB to monitor workload and readiness and optimize athlete performance. Coaches, see Setting Up a Roster. Athletes, see Syncing Your motusQB Sensor Data.


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