What is the difference between the sleeve and wristband in motusQB?

motusQB has two apparel options for wearing your sensor: a compression sleeve or a wristband. When purchasing a motusQB Complete Package, you will receive the traditional compression sleeve with your order. If you would like to use the wristband, make a comment on your order or purchase additional wristbands from our store.

Both apparel options are capable of tracking throw counts and workloads, but each option provides different metrics that you may find more or less useful for your particular application.

When wearing the sensor in the compression sleeve, each throw captures Elbow Valgus Torque, Arm Speed, Arm Slot, Shoulder Rotation, Elbow Distraction Force, and Fingertip Velocity.


When wearing the sensor in the wristband, each throw captures Fingertip Speed, Snap Time, Throw Time, Arm Slot, and Shoulder Rotation.


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