Managing Sensors as a Coach

As a  Coach, you can assign a unique sensor to each athlete or you can use the same sensor for multiple athletes. Regardless of how many sensors or athletes you have, managing your sensors is simple.
From the Roster screen, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner, then tap  Manage Sensors
Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-05-02_at_12.09.00.png           Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-04-30_at_14.13.39.png
Tap on an athlete's row to add, change, or remove their sensor assignment. See Adding a Sensor to Your Account for more information on adding a sensor.
Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-04-30_at_14.13.42.png      Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-04-30_at_14.13.53.png      Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_8_Plus_-_2019-04-30_at_14.17.39.png
If you plan to use Roster Transfer (See Syncing Team Data as a Coach (Roster Transfer)), each athlete must have a unique primary sensor or no sensor at all. If any athletes have been assigned the same sensor, the sensor will not transfer data during Roster Transfer.

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