What's "High Effort" and how is it calculated?

Not all throws are created equal. To illustrate this, we classify each throw as high effort or not. With this information, you can quickly see the difference between two days that both have 100 total throws. On a day where you were just playing catch, you may have just a few high effort throws in that total. However, on a game day, a majority of those throws will likely be high effort.

You have your own, personal High Effort Threshold which is used to classify each throw. This threshold is constantly changing as you continue to throw and we learn about you and your throwing style. Each time you open the app or log on to motusDASH, we update your threshold like this:

  1. Get all throws from the past two weeks that were not simulated
  2. Remove any throws that are determined to be outliers based on their intensity metric (torque for sleeve users, finger speed for wristband users)
  3. Make sure there are at least 50 throws remaining, then filter down to the 5 throws with the highest intensity measures
  4. Calculate the threshold as 70% of the average intensity of these 5 throws

If you do not have enough usable throws, a default value is assigned based on your height, weight, and competition level. Any throw with an intensity measure above this threshold is classified as high effort.

The high effort classification of throws does not affect your data in any way, it is simply additional feedback about your throwing workload that you can use to compare days.

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