Can I export my motusQB data?

Yes! Data exports are available as part of a motusDASH subscription (See: Subscribing to motusDASH). You will receive a csv file of every throw for the selected athletes in the selected date range.

Included in each csv is:

  • Athlete name
  • Event Timestamp (in UTC)
  • Event tag
  • Simulated flag
  • High Effort flag
  • Arm Slot
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Finger Speed (wristband only)
  • Snap Time (wristband only)
  • Throw Time (wristband only)
  • Torque (sleeve only)
  • Arm Speed (sleeve only)
  • Distraction Force (sleeve only)
  • Fingertip Velocity (sleeve only)

Visit motusDASH, sign in with your motus credentials, and click the Menu button.


Click Export Data


Select athletes with an active subscription, set a date range for export, and enter your email address.


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