What is TRAQ?

Save coach/trainer time, empower your athletes, and own your data...

We wanted a central location to schedule workouts, program your athletes, set goals, upload videos, and upload data from different hitting and pitching technologies. So we custom-built TRAQ to run our own in-gym and remote training programs. TRAQ is the hub for players and coaches to organize everything they would need to improve as a baseball player. Now you can use it to build your own data-driven player development programs.

TRAQ is built for college, high school, travel ball programs, independent facilities and athletes. It was built to power data-driven development programs in a time efficient manner.

It’s the place to track your data, visualize it, and understand it.Write and upload your own programs — your athletes track their data. Run your way. With our enterprise-grade assessment and analysis tools.

You can learn more about TRAQ on our Website, as well as check out the following:

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