Driveline's Response to COVID-19

Driveline has been monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) since it began disrupting Chinese supply chains in January. We were impacted by that--and have taken steps to keep our athletes and staff safe. 

In February, we started implementing policies to promote increased hand-washing, social distancing, working remotely, and doubled our efforts to disinfect the gym every day.

Those policies have subsequently been updated and now include: 

Accurate as of March 13, 2020

  • A twice-weekly Task Force that meets to craft Driveline policy for athletes and staff based on the latest from Washington State Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control. 
  • Posted best-practices for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.
  • Increased sanitization of frequently touched surfaces. 
  • Gym capacity reduced to the limit for public groups suggested by Washington Department of Health to minimize social contact. 
  • Default policy is to work remotely--for anyone who can.
  • Non-essential work travel cancelled.

Note: these policies were made following the recommendations of state and federal agencies and are subject to change. 

Internal Memo Sent to Athletes - March 11, 2020

We wanted to update all our athletes with the measures we are taking, and asking our athletes to take, in regards to COVID-19. 

Your safety and the safety of our staff are the highest priority.

We will close the gym if an athlete or employee tests positive for Coronavirus. We are doing what we can to prevent that. 

And we are going to need your help.

You came to us to train and we want to train you, therefore we are doing everything we can to keep the gym open.

The CDC has recommended to limit groups of people to ten, the State of Washington has banned gatherings of people over 250, the NCAA will be playing games with no fans, and the Ivy League has cancelled their season.

Measures we have instituted:

  • We are disinfecting and cleaning the gym multiple times a day
  • We have adjusted our training slots allowing fewer athletes in the gym at one time
  • We have closed the athlete lounge
  • We are limiting athletes from watching live at bats, velocity days, and generally hanging around the gym

Things that we are asking of you:

  • Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and practice good hygiene
  • Use elbow bumps instead of high-fives
  • Stay 1 batter’s box (4 to 6 feet) away from other athletes
  • Do not stay in the gym if you are not actively training

If you are sick do not come to the gym

If you are sick for any reason, do not come to the gym. These symptoms are related to COVID-19: fever, cough, shortness of breath. If you experience them, you should seek medical attention.

Athletes who are sick will not be allowed to train in gym until one week following the first symptom (if symptoms have resolved) or 72 hours (3 days) after symptoms resolve. 

We will make training accommodations to those who do become sick--including extending your stay or making remote training available.

If you have any questions please message your trainer.

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