Amateur Facilities and Organizations - Comparing the Different Options

ou can get started with a free TRAQ account today. The free version of TRAQ allows for unlimited usage for up to 20 athletes and 1 trainer. If you want to get hands-on with TRAQ to see how it can help your facility, this is a great place to start. You can upgrade your free account to TRAQ S, TRAQ X, or TRAQ Pro at any point. Please see the following breakdown of the available TRAQ tiers for amateur organizations:

Prices shown represent monthly rates for TRAQ (TRAQ Pro is one payment of at least $10,000 + the monthly rate of TRAQ X).

TRAQ Basic is a great option for facilities that want to see how TRAQ can best help them before committing to TRAQ S, TRAQ X, or TRAQ Pro. This tier is is also the best choice for any facilities that are battling budget limitations but still want to take advantage of TRAQ. 

TRAQ S comes without number restrictions on trainers and facility administrators. This option allows for all of the available technology integrations, along with PitchAI Reports, making it the ideal choice for any facility looking to get started with TRAQ.

TRAQ X takes all of the features included with TRAQ S, and adds a robust integration of Driveline EDGE tools along with custom datasets. For any school or facility that is serious about capitalizing on their player development, TRAQ X is a great choice. 

TRAQ Pro is our premiere offering for facilities that want to get the most our of their coaching staff, players, and resources. Building on all of the features included in TRAQ X, TRAQ Pro also comes with a 2 day on-site implementation, where Driveline comes to your facility to make sure you get the absolute most out of TRAQ.

For TRAQ S, TRAQ X, and TRAQ Pro, your monthly rate will be dependent on the number of athletes you are training. You are able to switch which athlete tier you are in by the month if needed: Please see below for each pricing tier:

  • 1-20 Athletes: $199/month + (+$200 for TRAQ X)
  • 21-60 Athletes: $299/month + (+$200 for TRAQ X)
  • 61-200 Athletes: $399/month + (+$200 for TRAQ X)
  • 201+ Athletes: Contact us

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