Getting Started with Driveline for Coaches and Trainers

Our training programs are centered around objectively tracking progress and using a variety of implements we've tested and found to be effective in producing the desired changes. 

For training throwing, we utilize PlyoCare Balls, Leather Wrist Weights, and Leather Weighted Baseballs, among other implements, to develop arm fitness, improve mechanical efficiency, and increase velocity. For hitting training, we'll use different training bats including underload/overload bats, long bat, and short bat, along with hitting PlyoCare Balls to improve bat speed (as measured with bat sensors such as Blast or Diamond Kinetics), create better batted ball outcomes (using launch monitors such as Hittrax, Rapsodo, or Trackman to monitor progress), movement quality, adjustability, and decision making, 

The top resources we’d recommend checking out to learn more about the drills and programs we use are our annual membership Driveline PLUS, software TRAQ, and Coaches Certifications.


A good place to start is with our DrivelinePLUS annual membership. PLUS comes with access to a library of exclusive video content on all areas related to player development from pitching, hitting, strength, youth training and even some of the analytics work our R&D team’s doing. You can check out the list of the pitching videos here and the hitting videos here to get an idea of the videos included in that. Similarly, it includes a community channel to ask questions and stay up-to-date with the latest news from our trainers and other PLUS members.

With the membership, not only do you get exclusive access to educational content, but you also get great product discounts. For example, Team Bundles are heavily discounted and limited to PLUS members, with savings greater than the cost of the membership itself. 


The best way to get started with programming your team is through our software TRAQ. We built TRAQ to manage our players' workouts, communicate with athletes and other coaches, share videos, create custom data inputs, and integrate technologies to store and save all of this data in one central location. 

You can signup for a free TRAQ account here, and explore more resources in our TRAQ help pages.

Coaching Certifications:

For further education, a great next step would be to check out our certification courses, of which we have 4: Foundations of Pitching Certification, Foundations of Hitting Certification, Basics of Pitch Design Certification, Youth Baseball Development Certification. Foundations of Pitching and Foundations of Hitting provide a framework for training mechanics and structuring programming year round for your athletes on the pitching and hitting sides respectively. Basics of Pitch Design is specifically oriented towards the process of understanding and taking data from Rapsodo, Trackman or similar pitch tracking technology and using that to develop your pitchers’ arsenals. Our Youth Baseball Development Certification teaches the philosophies, drills, and practice concepts we use to optimize youth training for long term development and enjoyment of the game.

All of these include online courses with modules containing videos and quizzes to test comprehension, with Foundations of Pitching also including an in-person live group discussion focused practical (currently being held over Zoom).

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