Home Dashboard (Beginner)

Why is this useful?

This page allows trainers to manage their facility and view daily information through preset widgets. This page also contains support links at the top of the page to help users get in touch with Driveline support.

When any trainer or facility admin logs in to TRAQ, the first page they see will be the Home Dashboard page. This page will be the same on mobile or desktop, just with a narrower view.

At the very top of the Home Dashboard page, the first section is the Support links section. This section houses various links for TRAQ trainers to purchase Driveline products or contact support. If you would like to have a link added to this bank of links, let the TRAQ team know.

The next section is Admin Notes. Admin Notes are any notes from the TRAQ team. Most of the time this section will be empty, but be aware if there is a message as they are likely to do with system updates and/or downtime.

The next section is the Trainer Floor Thread. This is a place for all trainers in a facility to communicate in one space. Any note here will be seen by all facility trainers. We do not use this very much internally, as we use Slack instead.

The next section is Athlete Programming. This tool allows trainers to see what workouts athletes are doing on any given day. The default is set to today.

The next couple of sections, Trainer/Health Notes and Athlete Discussion pull directly from an athlete's profile if they meet certain criteria. See those pages for more information.

The last section on this page is the Facility Calendar. The Facility Calendar allows a trainer to view when and how many times certain workouts have been programmed over the next two months as well as the names of the athletes that have been programmed those workouts. The following video explains how to use this tool.

Note: This is set at a facility level so when you adjust the calendar you are adjusting it for all trainers.


  • Can I customize this page?
    • No, this page is not customizable.
  • Where does the velocity pull from?
    • It pulls from the Plyocare velocity inputs

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