TRAQ Resources (Beginner)

Why is this useful?

  • Common resources can ensure TRAQ users are provided with free resources to learn about how and why we program and get the most out of their Driveline experience.
  • Facility resources is great for anything that coaches or trainers want all players to have access to.
  • Facility resources is a great place to post any and all documentation parents need such as waivers and schedules.
  • The exercise bank can help you find individual exercises, workouts, or templates to use rather than searching through folders

On the left side menu, Resources is a collapsible option. Click anywhere on Resources to expand to see all three options.

Common Resources

Common resources are resources that Driveline provides to all TRAQ accounts, free or paid, athlete or trainer. If there are resources you would like to see added, contact the TRAQ team.

Facility Resources

Facility resources are resources that every single TRAQ user at that facility, athlete or trainer, has access to. Think of this as the Media tab but for all athletes rather than individual athletes. Trainers can upload resources for their athletes here by clicking the Upload button.

Exercise Bank

The Exercise Bank is a useful place to search for exercises, templates, or workouts. Although you can create workouts from here, we do not recommend it.

Set the filters and click apply to see all exercises, workouts, or templates that apply.

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