Where to go for TRAQ help (Beginner)

TRAQ can be a very complicated software with many features and can overwhelm many people.

Support Links

From the Home Dashboard page for trainers, trainers have access to support links.

Clicking on "Fill out our TRAQ Support Form" or "Fill out our EDGE Support Form" will take you to a Google form that is sent directly to the TRAQ team, you will get a response within 2 business days. Clicking "Schedule a TRAQ Support Call" will take you to an Acuity sign-up form for a free Zoom call with a member of the TRAQ team.

User Guide

All users have access to the TRAQ User Guide from any page by clicking on the User Guide option on the left side menu.


This document will continuously be updated for reference.

Contact TRAQ Team

There are multiple Slack channels dedicated to getting in touch with the TRAQ team. For any bugs, issues, or feature requests please use issue-traq and the workflows. You can also use help-traq, help-traq-back-end, or team-traq to get in touch.

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