Linking Tech Platforms (Advanced)

One of the core features of TRAQ is the ability to store data from all different types of baseball technology. Each athlete does need to be linked up individually for most technologies and many of our vendors require their own subscriptions to take advantage of the subscription. This page only describes how to link athletes, see how to view platform data here.

Viewing Data - Advanced

Why is this useful?

  • Storing all tech in one place is the main reason we created TRAQ.
  • Saves coaches from having to navigate to a bunch of different cloud services
  • Allows the players access to data at their fingertips that they wouldn't have without access to the cloud, which most players do not have.
  • Data can be used in tandem to create dashboards and/or goals across multiple pieces of tech
  • With tech uploaded, users have reason to generate EDGE reports

Linking Tech to an Athlete

On an athlete's profile page, there will be tabs for each technology that the athlete has available to connect with. Click on the tab to see instructions for linking the data.

Diamond Kinetics

To link up a Diamond Kinetics bat sensor or ball, click on the Diamond Kinetics tab and click on the green Edit button. Type in your Diamond Kinetics login and password and click Save to link your accounts. Our Diamond Kinetics integration is automatic, so once you link your accounts the data will be synced daily without any manual work.

Any athlete with any account type can access the Diamond Kinetics integration.


To link up a Hittrax account, click on the Hittrax tab. There is a multi-step process that is outlined in a Google Doc linked where it says "link"

TRAQ does not communicate with the local Hittrax unit so each athlete must have an active Hittrax Game Center subscription, which is 9.99 per month. Once the subscription is set up, the athlete must accept data sharing agreement emails and link his accounts from the Hittrax website. Once all of that is completed, then click Associate and type in the Hittrax Game Center user name. You do not need a password or facility id.

The most common issues we see with the Hittrax integration are accounts not being linked on Game Center or an expired/non-existent Game Center subscription.

Only athletes at facilities with paid TRAQ subscriptions have access to this integration.


To link up a Rapsodo account, click on the Rapsodo tab. Click the green Associate button and enter the athlete's email and player type as it appears in the Rapsodo Cloud and then click Proceed. Once the page refreshes, the accounts are linked. Rapsodo data will automatically refresh daily in TRAQ with no manual actions required.

Only athletes at facilities that have Rapsodo Cloud and a paid TRAQ subscription can access this integration. Facilities need to send in their Rapsodo Cloud email to TRAQ Support in order to set up this integration.

Rapsodo Cloud integration is also good for softball. All softball data taken from a hitting or pitching unit can be taken from cloud and put into TRAQ via the API.

Pocket Radar

To link up your Pocket Radar account, click on the Pocket Radar tab. Click the green Associate button. A message informing you that you must be logged out of the Pocket Radar app will appear, click ok once you are logged out of the app. Enter the Pocket Radar email and password for the athlete and click Proceed. Pocket Radar data will automatically update daily in TRAQ.

All TRAQ users have access to this integration.


To link K-Motion accounts to TRAQ, click on the K-Vest tab. Click on the green Edit button and enter the athlete's K-vest email into the box and then click Save.

Our K-Vest integration is not automatic, you will need to upload the csv file that is exported from the K-vest cloud. Once your athletes are linked you can upload one csv for your entire facility and the data will display on the correct profile based on the email address.

Only TRAQ users at a facility with a paid subscription and a K-vest Cloud subscription can access this integration. There is a CSV from the K Vest Computer Application, which is not the correct CSV template. You will want to go to this URL ( and with your subscription, download the CSV file from there. 


To link Trackman to an athlete's TRAQ account, click on the Trackman tab. Click on the green Edit button and enter the athlete's Trackman ID into the box and then click Save.

Our Trackman integration is not automatic, the exported Trackman csv files will need to be uploaded to TRAQ. Once all athletes are linked, you only need to upload the csv file to one athlete's profile and the data will be distributed to the correct profile based on their Trackman IDs.

Note: We have seen a few different Trackman file types so if it does not work, please send the file to the TRAQ team for investigation.

Only athletes at a facility with a paid TRAQ subscription can access this integration.


To link up an athlete's Motus and TRAQ account, click on the Motus tab. Click the green Edit button and type in the athlete's First and Last Name as it appears in Motus and then click Save and Verify.

The Motus integration is automatic so once it is linked the data will be updated daily with no manual effort.

Only athletes at a facility with a MotusDash subscription can access this integration.


When an athlete is created, the default option is to link PitchAI. If you uncheck that box but change your mind, to link a PitchAI account to a TRAQ account, click on the PitchAI tab and click on the Create PitchAI account button.

The PitchAI integration is automatic, any captures made will appear in TRAQ daily.


Only Driveline's facility has access to the automatic Blast integration. All other TRAQ facilities will need to upload Blast csvs. For Driveline trainers, athletes should automatically be linked.

MLB Player

To link up a player with their MLB ID in order to access the MLB Off-Season or In-Season reports, click on the MLB Player tab. Click edit and enter their MLB Player ID and then click Save. Only Driveline trainees and MLB teams using TRAQ will have access to this integration and these reports.

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