Using Data Inputs (Advanced)

Why is this useful?

  • Custom Data Inputs are customizable allowing coaches the freedom to collect whatever data they want, qualitative or quantitative. Can be used by any coach/trainer at any level with technology or not.
    • A coach who currently tracks on paper or Excel can take that exact process and move it to TRAQ where his athletes can either enter data themselves and save the coach time or just have access to their data and dashboards/goals.
    • A coach who uses Rapsodo and Trackman can track things like wellness data, and any throws not tracked by technology, and see their relationship with the platform data.
  • Data Inputs are great for remotely collecting data from athletes.
  • Any data entered into a Data Input can be used in Dashboards, Goals, Reports, or downloaded in csv format.
  • The most common uses are tracking throwing velocities and exit velocities, bullpens and live ABs, and wellness questionnaires and journals.

Data Inputs are the main way to get any data on to an athlete's profile that is not collected via technology. These are all manual entry and will primarily be filled out by the athlete, although the trainer can fill it out as well. To see how to add Data Inputs to a workout, view Creating Workouts.

As athletes go through their workout, they will be prompted to input data during certain exercises.

Click on the blue Input data button to open the Data Input window.

Data Inputs are primarily filled out by athletes, but can be filled out by trainers in many situations (athlete is throwing and trainer is tracking). They can also be filled out for many athletes at one time.

TRAQ comes preset with a set of base Data Inputs and with a TRAQs or TRAQx subscription, these are completely customizable.

Once data is entered into an input, that data can all be viewed in the Tracking Sheets section.

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