Using Assessments (Advanced)

Why is this useful?

  • Assessments allow trainers to manually enter longer form data for your athlete.
  • Assessments are most often used for movement screenings, strength assessments, and other tests.
  • Assessments can be filled out multiple times and a record of each assessment is available to see changes over time. Trainers can fill assessment data from previous dates as well.
  • Calculations can be done inside of the assessment and all of the data can be utilized in TRAQ's reporting functions.

From an athlete profile, click on the Assessments tab.

Click on the assessment you would like to fill out and select the date you would like to fill it out for. The default option is today. Click on the green button to fill out the assessment.

For athletes that have gone through multiple assessments, just click on the drop down to select the dates and view old assessments.

TRAQ comes preset with a set of base Assessments and with a TRAQs or TRAQx subscription, these are completely customizable.

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