Using the Notification Center (Advanced)

Why is this useful?

  • Notification Center allows trainers to keep track of many different things from one screen, whether it is when the last time specific tech data has been uploaded or how close an athlete is to running out of programming.
  • Trainers can filter for just their own athletes and view the dashboards to make sure all athletes are up to date.

Using the Notification Center

Access the Notification Center on the left side menu under Trainer Tools.

Filter for groups of athletes or select List for specific athletes and then click Apply. The Athletes section will show you which athletes have been selected. The Dashboards section will show you the notifications for the selected athletes.

The Platforms Dashboard shows the date of the most recent data for each type of technology. The PitchAI Dashboard shows the date of the most recent PitchAI report. The EDGE Dashboard shows the dates of the most recent EDGE Reports generated for each type of report. The Remaining Days of Workouts Dashboard shows how many days left of the type of programming the selected athletes are assigned that is ending soonest. Click on the orange plus button to see remaining days of all types of workouts. Media tab Dashboard shows the most recent uploads to each Media Tab folder.

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