Using Reports (Advanced)

Why is this useful?

  • Reports allow you to take Athlete Dashboards and export them in PDF form.
  • Exported PDFs are great to send to recruiters/scouts and will live on the athlete profile when published.

Creating Reports

Click on Reports on the left side menu under Data Tools.

At the top of the page you can search for created reports by any of the filters by clicking apply. All created reports will be below.

Reports is the default tab, but you can also switch to templates to view any templates you have created. 

You can view, edit, delete, publish, or unpublish any report or template from this screen. Published reports will be accessible by the athlete from their reports tab, unpublished reports will not be.

Creating a Template

Click on the green Create button with the Templates tab selected to open the creation window for a Template.

Click and drag tables and/or graphs to the blank area to build the template. Click and drag page break to add a new page to the report. Click and drag notes to create a notes section where you can add text. Name the tables and/or graphs and click the green Set Data button to select the source(s) of your data.

Click Save to save the template. This template can now be applied to any facility athlete over any selected time period.

Creating a Report from a Template

If you want to create a Report from a template that has already been created, all you'll need to do is name the report, set the time period, select the template, and then select the athlete. Click Save to publish report.

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