EDGE Reports (Advanced)

Why is this useful?

  • EDGE Reports transform the raw technology data that lives on an athlete's profile into a report with great visuals and high level insights for both athletes and trainers.
  • These are tech-agnostic, basically any type of tech someone uses we have an EDGE Report that you can generate.
  • These come with TRAQx but can be purchased individually at TRAQ Basic and TRAQs facilities.
  • EDGE Reports are viewable in TRAQ as well as being downloadable.

How to Generate an EDGE Report

Click on the EDGE tab on the athlete's profile page. Click the green Generate EDGE Report button. Select the type of report, the technology, the playing level, and the date range. Click OK.

These reports take 15-30 seconds to generate and be viewable. The Pitch Visualization Report takes a little bit longer as it is a video file, the others are PDFs. If your report does not generate, please click on the link to the left of the button and fill out the form so we can assist you ASAP.

How to View EDGE Reports

Once you have generated a report, click on the tab that corresponds to the report. Click View to view, Download to download, and the x to delete the report.

Mass Generating EDGE Reports

Trainers can generate EDGE Reports from the manage athletes screen with multiple athletes selected.

The Generate EDGE Reports function allows you to generate EDGE Reports for large amounts of athletes from one place instead of going to each individual profile. Select your athletes and the type of EDGE Report as well as the type of technology and the date range and then click ok.

This is very useful for when a trainer or coach wants to provide more than one athlete with an EDGE report. For example, an MLB team could run MLB In-Season Reports for their whole team in seconds. A college team could upload their TrackMan file and then generate both Driveline Hitting and Pitching Snapshots for everyone who played to provide their athletes with game breakdowns. A facility could have 10 athletes throw bullpens and then upload Pitch Recommendations to all 10 athletes.  

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