What is Driveline Hitting?

What is Driveline Hitting?

Driveline Hitting is focused on helping an individual reach his full potential as a hitter. We look to develop:

  • Bat Speed: Diamond Kinetics and HitTrax systems will be used to track bat speed and exit velocity to ensure the hitter is making progress as they go through the program. We will use training methods including but not limited to overload and underload training, hitting weighted balls, and numerous drills designed to increase bat speed.
  • Precision: Hitters will be prescribed drills designed with game-like variability to refine hitter's quickness into the zone, length in the zone, adjustability and overall barrel accuracy.
  • Vision: Using gaze tracking, virtual reality goggles, and vision drills to improve hitter's pitch recognition, depth perception, and peripheral vision
  • Strength: Hitters have access to the facility's strength and conditioning program designed specifically for each athlete.
  • Mechanical Efficiency: Motion capture, biomechanics, and EMG equipment will be used to analyze the hitter's movement patterns.

By placing hitters in an environment where they are receiving constant, objective feedback athletes learn whether they are improving or not.

How Does Driveline Hitting Work?

During the first day on-boarding phase, we will collect baseline data that tells us exactly where each client stands at the beginning of this program. Using that data, each portion of our programming is based around the goals of improving those early metrics. We train hitters with overload and underload training to improve bat speed, power, as well as making swing corrections that will help our clients to become more productive hitters. 

We also will be using state of the art cameras that allow us to break down swings frame by frame to help our hitters locate necessary swing improvements. The Hittrax System will also be utilized in every hitting session to help our hitters to see important metrics such as exit velocity and launch angles, as well as let our hitters see what they are capable of inside of major league ball parks.

If you’re interested in finding out what this hitting department can do for you, please follow this Driveline Hitting Sign Up link to sign up for an on-boarding session today. 

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