My Sensor Keeps Disconnecting

My Sensor Keeps Disconnecting

Bluetooth connection can depend on a number of variables including temperature, size of the room/area you are in, other devices around you, and sensor battery level. We recommend only using a live bluetooth connection when it is absolutely needed for event by event analysis.

To improve bluetooth connection try these tips:

1. Keep the iOS device and sensor as close together as possible. This will improve the connection and decrease transfer times.

2. Eliminate any obstructions between the iOS device and sensor. Have the athlete turn towards you after each event to improve the 'line of sight' between the iOS device and sensor.

3. Remove any unneeded bluetooth devices from the area. 

4. Ensure that each event is completely transferred before continuing. The sensor cannot transfer data and record data at the same time, so attempting to register another event while transferring will result in disconnections and missed events.

In most cases, it is not necessary to maintain a connection to your sensor while tracking your workout. Simply fully charge and wear your sensor, then connect to the correct mobile app to transfer all of the events when you are finished. Your sensor will store up to 800 events for you to transfer at the end of your session.

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