What is DASH?

DASH™ is a subscription-based management system for coaches, athletic staff, and individual athletes that allows you to store and analyze all of your throwing data in one place. You can access the DASH by visiting the DASH website and using the same login information as the app.

We offer a DASH Lite and a DASH Pro version. Details on the features available with each tier and pricing can be found here: DASH Tiers + Pricing

DASH features include:


The Main Dashboard provides a Roster Overview of your account or your players' accounts. Acute and chronic workload data, and projected A:C ratios can be found on this page. A green circle on the left indicates that the player has synced data in his or her account for that day.

Long Term Trends

Long Term Trends is a longitudinal graphing tool that breaks down workload and biomechanics in an effective and useful manner. Graph data over each week or month, or even for every throw within a day. 

Interday Data - Allows you to view each specific throw within a given day. Here is where you can also change tags for any throw and delete throws from the account. 

Day Average - Displays a graphical view of the average metrics by each day. A secondary metric can also be added to the graph (no secondary metric selected in this case).

Week Average - Displays a graphical view of the average metrics by each week. A secondary metric can also be added to the graph (secondary axis shown on the right).

Boxscore Tag Analysis

When using PULSE, you'll be able to tag each throw based on drill or type of throwing (catch play, longtoss, bullpen) and ball weight. In the Box Score Tag Analysis section, you'll be able to view metric averages by each tag and sub-tag. For example, you can see arm slot differences between a bullpen and longtoss or torque differences among weighted balls for each athlete.

Report Generator/Gameday Mode

Gameday - Allows users to run robust workload simulations and find their game-day workload limit. Resulting A:C ratios can be seen based on one-day workloads for today and tomorrow.

Workload - Workload data can also be displayed in a printable PDF format as well.

Program Builder

Allows for the creation of long term training routines, with projected workload metrics based on the player's previous tagged data. Click and drag the tagged throws and select the number of throws for each exercise to create a player's throwing program (which they can view on their account) and simulated workload for that day.

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