Syncing Team Data as a Coach

As a Coach, you've got a lot on your plate. Luckily, the PULSEthrow app makes it easy to collect data for your entire team. First, assign a unique sensor to each athlete on your roster (See: Managing Sensors as a Coach). Second, plug in each sensor and bring them close to your device. Then, when you are ready to transfer data from the sensors, tap the Roster Transfer button at the bottom of your Roster screen.

PULSEthrow will search for all of your athletes' sensors and tell you whether any of the sensors were not found. You can select a tag or tag sequence for each athlete (See: Tagging Data), then tap Sync when ready to begin the transfer. 

PULSEthrow will transfer the data from each sensor, 3 athletes at a time. Once all of the data has been transferred and saved, you will receive a summary of the data that was transferred for each athlete. If there were any errors, you may try the Roster Transfer again, or go into the individual athlete's profile and transfer the data manually (See: Syncing Your PULSEthrow Sensor Data).

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