Adding a Sensor to Your Account

The PULSE sensor uses BLE technology to connect to iOS devices. Unlike other Bluetooth products you may have used, you will need to connect to your sensor directly in the PULSEthrow app. You will not find your sensor located in the Bluetooth section of the Settings app.

In the top right corner of your homepage, there is an icon in the shape of the sensor. This icon will indicate your sensor's connection status, identify the presence of data to transfer, and function as a button to access all sensor functionality.

If the sensor icon is red, your sensor is not connected. Tap the sensor icon to navigate to the Manage Sensors screen. To add a sensor, tap Add a Sensor.

The app will search for nearby sensors that are available to connect. Your sensor will display as PULSE###, with the first 3 digits of your sensor's serial number (located on the back of your sensor). Make sure that your sensor is charged, awake, and not already connected to another device. If you do not see your sensor in the list of nearby sensors, you may need to scroll down to view more sensors. If you are still unable to locate your sensor, see My Sensor Won't Connect.

Once you have located your sensor, tap it to connect. As an added layer of privacy, you will then be prompted to enter your sensor's PIN. Your sensor's PIN is the last 5 digits of the sensor's serial number. Once you have entered the PIN, you will have the opportunity to rename your sensor, or you can leave it as PULSE###.

Your sensor will now be available on the Manage Sensors page. Tapping on the sensor row will reveal additional actions you can take for your sensor. Here, you can connect or disconnect from your sensor, enable or disable automatic syncing of your data (See: Automatically transferring sensor data), or view and update your sensor's firmware (when connected).

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