Bullpen Mode

Bullpen mode provides invaluable feedback about a pitcher's bullpen throws including breakdowns of consistency, command, arm speed, and stress across multiple pitch types. It also allows you to capture a typical Gameday bullpen session for use in Gameday Reports.

First, connect to your sensor (See: Adding a sensor to your account), tap the Advanced Features tab, then tap Bullpen Mode. Tap Begin Bullpen, then tap a predefined pitch sequence, tap Add Custom to create your own sequence, or tap On the Fly to define pitch types and locations as you go. If you choose to create your own custom bullpen sequence, you can select between Windup and Stretch, numerous pitch types and pitch locations. 

During your bullpen session, the requested pitch stance, type, and location are displayed and the app is awaiting the next pitch. After each pitch, the data will transfer from the sensor and you will have 5 seconds to select the actual pitch location on the zones. During a bullpen session with a preset routine, the app will proceed to the next pitch and you can continue throwing. During an On the Fly session, you will need to tap Next when you are ready to continue throwing.

At the end of your bullpen session, a report will be generated which scores your bullpen in 3 categories: Arm Speed Consistency, Arm Slot Consistency, and Command. You will receive feedback on how your metrics vary between your different pitch types and which pitch types are the most stressful on your arm.

Once you have completed a bullpen, you can choose to designate a session as your Gameday Routine. This designation indicates that this bullpen is representative of a bullpen session that you would typically throw before you are going to pitch in a game. The workload from this session will be used to determine your available workload during the game and an estimated pitch count (See: Gameday Report Generation).

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