Longtoss Mode

Longtoss mode provides invaluable feedback about an athlete's longtoss throws including breakdowns of arm stress, arm slot, and shoulder rotation at various distances. It also allows you to capture a typical Gameday longtoss session for use in Gameday Reports.

First, connect to your sensor (See: Adding a sensor to your account), tap the Advanced Features tab, then tap Longtoss Mode. Tap Begin Longtoss, then tap Set Max Distance and Next to allow PULSEthrow to design a longtoss progression for you, or tap Custom to create your own progression. If you choose to create your own custom longtoss sequence, you can select custom ball weights, distances, and number of throws at each distance.

Once you have selected a longtoss throw progression, you have the option of downloading all of the throws at once or capturing each throw live. If you choose to download the throws at once, PULSEthrow will apply the correct tags for you assuming the distance and number of throws in the longtoss progression.

Once you have completed the longtoss session, a report will be generated which shows the variation of arm stress, arm slot, and shoulder rotation throughout your throwing progression. Longtoss Mode also recommends a maximum throwing distance based on when your mechanics and stress significantly changed during the session.

Once you have completed a longtoss session, you can choose to designate a session as your Gameday Routine. This designation indicates that this longtoss is representative of a longtoss session that you would typically throw before you are going to pitch in a game. The workload from this session will be used to determine your available workload during the game (See: Gameday Report Generation).

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